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#4 El niño que soñaba con los colores del mar (The boy who dreamed of the colours of the sea)

Al encuentro de Mirlo #4 / How I met Mirlo #4

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Georgina Mauriño
En el estudio de Mirlo se preparan las ediciones de nuestros ebooks, audiolibros, NFTs… y en el podcast os contamos algo más sobre cada título, siempre pensando en servir a educadores en casa o en la escuela.
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Este cuento es ya el cuarto de los 12 cuentos que nos llevan al encuentro de Mirlo.

En el primero, el niño descubría su entorno y lo hacía suyo. En el segundo, con ayuda de sus amigos los pájaros, ponía nombre a los colores. El el tercero, le llevaban al encuentro del mar donde descubría nuevas sensaciones, el sentido del tacto al pisar la arena de la playa, y matices en los colores que podían expresar emociones más allá de la pura descripción.
Esta historia continúa con este cuarto episodio, en el que las puras sensaciones, como parte de la vida humana, se van transformando en emociones, y la curiosidad en deseo.
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This is the fourth story from the series about ‘how I met Mirlo’.

In the first story, a toddler boy was discovering his environment, and feeling it as his own world. In this second one, the boy starts putting names to the colours he sees. In the third one, the boy went to the sea where he discovered new sensations through his physical senses, like when he steps on the sand arriving to the beach, and also finds out that colours are connected to feelings. This story keeps growing with this fourth episode where sensations become feelings and emotions, as they are part of human life, and curiosities become wishes.

The story goes like this:

Do you want me to tell you the one about the boy who dreamed with the colours of the sea?

Once upon a time there was a boy who dreamed turquoise, emerald, gold, silver and ultramarine blue. He had a seashell that sang for him the murmur of the sea in the evening. But, one night he could not sleep because he had a pressing curiosity, and he started a conversation with his shell:

- Is there a secret the sea hides for dressing in different colours if it just salty water?

- The sea is not just plain water. It is actually full of life and not just plain salty water.

- What kind of life can there be in the sea?

- At the bottom of the sea there is a huge garden with wonderful plants and mysterious spots where all sort of fishes walk and play freely.

- And those fishes… how are they?

- There are big and little fishes. Some are very discreet, but others are pretty colourful.

- And, how can they walk in such mysterious surroundings?

- Their skin is slippery and they slide through the water. They swim like in a hurry!

- I would love to meet one of those fishes, but I don’t know how to swim…

- You are a city boy and very young to dive into the deep blue sea. First, when you go for a walk, you need to look for a round pond with a clear water so you can see well inside… There you will find some of them.

- So, I may find fishes in the round pond in my park even if it is far from the sea…

And the kid that night dreamed of his round pond. He also dreamed he could slide smoothly in the water that cradled him. The water was clean and clear. It was a water full of life, and it kept the secret of the sea colours.

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  • Haydn: Variations en F minor; Raúl Manjárrez

Author/Narrator: Georgina García-Mauriño

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