Feb 8, 2022 • 5M

#6 El niño que quería hacer un regalo de amistad (The boy who wanted to offer a present to his friends)

Nos vemos, Mirlo... / See you, Mirlo...

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Georgina Mauriño
En el estudio de Mirlo se preparan las ediciones de nuestros ebooks, audiolibros, NFTs… y en el podcast os contamos algo más sobre cada título, siempre pensando en servir a educadores en casa o en la escuela.
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Este es el sexto episodio de la serie “Al encuentro de Mirlo”, y será el último… de momento. Por supuesto como despedida os traeremos el vídeo, y en primavera retomaremos estos cuentos, pero no ya en ‘edición vintage’, sino con una nueva presentación que estamos preparando en el estudio.

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Pero, por hoy vamos a escuchar a Mirlo dar una pista fundamental al niño que quiere hacer un regalo de amistad en forma de canción: “El canto es sentimiento que por el aire lleva el viento a quien escucha su voz”.


This is the sixth episode of the series “How I met Mirlo”, and it will be the last… for now. Of course, we will bring you the video before leaving. Only in Spring we will go back to these stories, but in a new presentation we are preparing right now in the studio.

To participate in all that we are editing in Mirlo Music we invite you to our Discord.

For now, in the present story Mirlo is going to provide a great clue to the boy who wants to offer a present to his friends. He actually wants to give them a song, and Mirlo reminds him that “Singing is emotion that the wind takes through the air to those who listen to its voice”.

The story goes like this:

Once upon a time there was this boy who dreamed that his friends, the fishes, showed him all around the bottom of the sea. However, in the morning, the singing birds came to wake him up. Their happy melodies announced a new day, and used to accompany him to the park. There was also a blackbird always waiting for him, and he seemed to know everything. So the boy decided to ask him:

- I would like to make a present for my friends from the sea, something like a sweet melody, but I cannot sing.

- Singing is not easy at all. You will need training to refine your voice, and that also comes with a lot of effort.

- I commit to it with all my heart and soul.

- This is how it must go, little one… because singing is the emotion that the wind takes through the air to those who listen to its voice.

And that night the boy went to bed singing. He was definitely in need of training, but in his song he was pouring his heart. A star listened to him, and with a dream breeze she took his song to the sea.



  • W. A. MOZART: Flute Quartet in D Major; Malboro Flute Quartet

Author / Narrator: Georgina García-Mauriño

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