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#2 El niño que tenía un cielo azul (The boy who had a blue sky)

#2 El niño que tenía un cielo azul (The boy who had a blue sky)

Al encuentro de Mirlo #2 / How I met Mirlo #2

Este cuento es el segundo de los 12 cuentos que nos llevan al encuentro de Mirlo.

En el primero, el niño descubría su entorno y lo hacía suyo, en este empieza a poner nombre a los colores. El primer sentido que abordan estos cuentos es la vista.
Esta historia continúa en nuestro próximo episodio…
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This story is the second story from the series about ‘how I met Mirlo’.

In the first one, a toddler boy was discovering his environment, and feeling it as his own world. In this second one, the boy starts putting names to the colours he sees. Because the first sense this series of tales address is sight.

The tales goes like this:

Do you want me to tell you the one about the kid who had a blue sky, some singing birds and a green and flowery garden?

Well, once upon a time there was a boy who had a blue sky, some singing birds and a green and flowery garden of his own. One day, his birds sang to him that from his sky, the earth was made of many different wonderful colours, one beside the other.

“What are these colours”, he asked. And the birds answered: “there is green like the grass in your garden. There is yellow like the lemons in your lemon tree. There is red, like your roses. And all these colours shine when the sun comes and caresses then after the rain”. “ Oh yes, like in my garden. I have seen that”, replied the boy. “But sometimes a deep blue covers the floor…”. The boy replied at once “A blue like my sky?”. “No. This blue is a very deep blue. It can shine like silver, it can turn nearly black when it gets sad, and it turns even bluer when the sky says so.” After a pause, the boy said “I want to see that blue, will you take me with you to see it?”. And his birds made him a promise: “At the end of the summer, when the cold wind will threaten us, it will be time for us to leave. Then we will take you to meet The Sea”.

That night the boy dreamed with many wonderful colours: green, yellow and red, and that flying through his blue sky he went to meet The Sea”.

This story continues in our next episode… meanwhile, for more information about Georgina and Mirlo, please visit www.mirlomusic.net .


Music: Vivaldi, Concerto per due Flauti en Do - Largo . Orchestra Gli Armonici.
Author/Narrator. Georgina García-Mauriño

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